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Point your domain to your website


  • Now that your domain has an SSL certificate attached to it, you are able to point it to your new website (if you are ready!).
  • When you are ready and have completed this step, we’ll make the switch on our end and your domain name will be connected to your new site!

Coming Soon vs. Temporary Domain

Your website will initially be located at a temporary address that will look something like this: multi.wellnesscoachingwebsites.com/yourname. If you have a website already, you have one of two options.

  • Use the temporary website address (multi.wellnesscoachingwebsites.com/yourname) while customizing your site until you are ready to publish it live on your domain (www.yourdomain.com).  OR…
  • Connect your domain to your new website and use the “Coming Soon” page until you are ready to publish your site live. If you choose this option, you will be able to preview your website when you are logged in. If you or someone else visits your site without logging in, a coming soon page will be displayed. (Note, if you are importing content from an old site, you need to import the content first before connecting your site to your domain!)

Point your Domain name to your Wellness Coaching Website

  1. In your Cloudflare account under your selected domain address, click the “DNS” tab. You will see a list of all DNS records attached to your domain.
  2. Locate your root “A Record”. Your root A Record “name” will be your domain name. In the “Content” column, click the current value and change it to:
    It should look exactly like this, except with your domain name instead of wellnesscoachingwebsites.com:
  3. If you don’t have an A Record, you will need to add one. Look at the image below for guidance. Type: A, Name: @, IPv4 address:
    Don’t forget to press save! It should look exactly like this, except with your domain name instead of wellnesscoachingwebsites.com:
  4. You will also need to ensure your website will be able to send out emails from your domain. Create a new TXT record for yourdomain.com with the content:
    v=spf1 mx include:_spf.elasticemail.com

Update your Wellness Coaching Website account with your domain

Fill out the form below and press “Save” to let us know you have completed this step. We will update your service and you will get an email confirmation within the hour. When this happens, your temporary website address will no longer be active.  Need help? Contact support with your Cloudflare login info.

2.2 Domain Name
(if you have more than one Wellness Coaching Website, enter each of your domain names separated by a comma.)

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