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Getting Started & Site Overview

  • How to log in, dashboard overview, quick links, request support
  • General settings: Site Title & Tagline, Profile
  • Connect to your Email Marketing Provider
  • Coming soon page – update with your email, social links, opt-in form.

Website Login

Your login url will be at yoursite.com/login, or multi.wellnesscoachingwebsites.com/yourname/login if you are using a temporary domain. Login with your email address and password and you’ll be redirected to the backend of your website.

Your dashboard has many useful links on it, as well as a place to submit a support request. When you are logged in, you will also see a dark “admin” bar at the top of your website on the front end. This is only visible when you are logged in, and website visitors can not see this.

Website Title & Tagline

A strong title and tagline will communicate your website’s style to first-time visitors, play a key role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and serve as a central part of your overall branding. It is a smart idea to incorporate keywords here as well as considering your site’s niche and target audience.

Take Action:

  1. Login to your website: yourdomain.com/login or multi.wellnesscoachingwebsites.com/yourname/login. Check your email for your login information.
  2. Site Title & Tagline: Follow the link on your website dashboard to update your website title and tagline for your site (you can also click on settings > general). The website title will appear in search engines, social media, and the title bar of the page. The tagline will appear in search engines and on social media.
  3. Update your profile: When you are logged into your website, hover over your name at the top right, and select “Edit My Profile.” From here you can update your profile image and bio. This information is used in certain pages across your site. To update your profile image you will need to create a Gravitar account or link your email address to your current Gravatar account.
  4. Connect to your Email Marketing Provider: You can create opt-in forms to link up to your email list. This is where you make the connection to your email marketing service. Navigate to Elementor > Settings > Integrations. Find your provider and follow the instructions to insert your API key. If you are using MailChimp, here is a direct link to your API keys. You can create one and then paste it into the Integrations page. Press save.
  5. Update your Coming Soon page: From your dashboard, select Elementor > Tools > Maintenance Mode. You can select your coming soon page and click “edit.” Update this page with your relevant contact info and social links to let visitors know how to get in touch before your full website is published. If you have connected your email marketing provider, you can include an opt-in form. The form settings “actions after submit” needs to include your email marketing provider. Then you need to select which email list it should connect to.
  6. Search Engine Visibility: If you have a coming soon page at yourdomian.com, you want to adjust your reading settings to allow search engines to crawl your site. IF you are on a temporary domain, do not adjust this setting until you are setup on yourdomain.com, or search engines will recognize your temporary domain.
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